Update Status Via Apple iPad 3

Apple iPad 3 Collage
The new Apple ipad 3 is launching next year.The release date of apple iPad 3 is not confirmed.Though it`s not launched yet you can update your status via iPad 3 by using the easy click and proceed mechanism.The reviews of iPad 3 will come only when it will be launched.But you can update your facebook status via iPad 3 right now ehy to wait for any gadget to come when we have such a nice way to fool our friends.There is a possibility that you may not get iPad 3 or get a new iPad 2S.But that depends on the Apple.

Apple iPad Specifications 
About The Via:
This Via is Not An original Because The Apple iPad 3 has not been launched.But still on the basis of of the previous iPad via we have given this via a same look.It has a Apple Logo and You Get a Via iPad 3.

Update via Apple iPad 3

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