Quick Heal Total Security 2013 FREE DOWNLOAD with PRODUCT KEY License

▶ Quick Heal Total Security 2013 FREE DOWNLOAD with PRODUCT KEY License :
▶ Is an all-round computer security cum optimizer application for Windows PC which not only defends your computer from all kinds of threats that emerge from Internet, USB or email, but also optimize your computer.
▶ It’s custom-made DNAScan Technology is capable of detecting even the unknown viruses. It also has PC Tuner that makes maximizes your PC performance.
▶ It is priced at INR 1949 or $74 per year license.
▶ Download FREE Quick Heal Total Security 2013 with 4 Months built-in Product Key :
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Special Note to Other Bloggers:
This is a special Quick Heal Total Security 2013 setup installer with 4 months built-inproduct key given exclusively to brandtheglobe.blogspot.com from Quick Heal.
Dangerous security threats are just around the corner on the Internet these days.
Protecting your PC against such rising threats is always a challenge unless and until you have comprehensive security arrangements made on your system.
Whenever you go online and download a file, click a link, or even simply browse, your computer is at risk of getting infected by various types of viruses or some rampant malware which can break a hell on your computer.
Hence, a powerful all-round security suite which secures your computer completely from all kinds of threats is a must.
Quick Heal is a well-known computer security software maker. It’s custom-made DNAScan Technology is unique and innovative. It is capable of detecting unknown viruses in real-time without depending on latest signature patterns.
Quick Heal has bagged more than 12 consecutive Virus Bulletin 100% Award. This award is given to only the best of best antivirus applications.
With the advent of real-time attacks and the rapidly changing security trends in the technology, Quick Heal has expanded to include solutions that incorporate cloud-based security and work on multiple platforms and devices covering desktops, mobiles and networks.
We are sharing Quick Heal Total Security 2013 with 4 months built-in product key. You can Download Quick Heal Total Security 2013 FREE DOWNLOAD with PRODUCT KEY License for free from here The Quick Heal Total Security Pro 2013 product keys and setup file was exclusively given to brandtheglobe.blogspot.com to be shared with its readers.
This is a part of our Initiative to create awareness among people to use genuine products and know about their importance. All thanks to Quick Heal for joining this initiative.
Did you know that by installing illegally cracked antivirus applications, you run a risk of having your computer hacked easily? Most of you don’t understand this but hackers create such cracks in order to have a back doors access to your system. This way they can steal some important data, your personal pictures, bank information and whole lot more.
Quick Heal Total Security 2013
Is an all-round computer security cum optimizer application for Windows PC which not only defends your computer from all kinds of threats that emerge from Internet, USB or email, but also optimize your computer to increase its performance to the maximum.
What makes Quick Heal Total Security 2013 stand ahead of Quick Heal Internet Security 2013 and Quick Heal Antivirus Pro 2013 are the PCTuner and the PC2Mobile Scan tools.
The PCTuner tool improves the overall efficiency of your system and the PC2Mobile Scan feature scans, detects and removes malwares from your mobile phones.
Its enhanced Anti-Phishing feature ensures that you do not land on any phishing sites when browsing on the Internet.
Quick Heal Total Security 2013 comes in a green-gray themed interface which is simple and easy-to-use. Most of you would like the user interface. Just take a look at it below.

Similar to Quick Heal Internet Security 2013, the main window has 4 main options viz Files & Folders, Emails, Internet & Network and Parent Control.
One extra feature which you would notice here is the PCTuner showing the current status of your system at the bottom of the screen.
Clicking on each of the options will take you to a new screen with its own set of options and menu. Both beginners and experts can use the application with ease without any inconvenience.
Various modules like AntiVirusAntiSpywareAntiMalwareAntiRootkit and a powerful Firewall form the core of this antivirus software.
They perform various functions of detecting and removing viruses, malware, spyware and protecting you from attacks via Internet.
Here is a look at various options you can find in the Files & Folders section. It has all kinds of scan to help you detect and remove any kind of viruses and worms.

Quick Heal Total Security 2013 has cloud based Email Security that prevents spam, phishing and infected emails from reaching your inbox.
The AntiSpam module uses live, cloud-based protection to check suspicious files restricting malware before it can run.
The powerful Firewall present in the Quick Heal Total Security 2013 works with out a sound in the background and monitors network activity for viruses, spywares and other malicious agents.
It uses Intrusion Detection System (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to further monitor your network in a comprehensive way
The Browsing Protection feature protects your PC from threats transferred through malicious websites while the Sandbox feature allows you to run your browser in a sandbox in a more secure way.
The Self Protection feature of Quick Heal Total Security 2013 protects its own files, folders, configurations and registry entries from getting tampered by malicious threats and corrupt applications.
There is one feature which is unique to Quick Heal products. I have tried almost all antivirus and Internet Security applications but have never seen this feature – News Alert. Quick Heal keeps you updated about the latest threats and viruses via News Alert feature which pops-up whenever there is some news.

There is a comprehensive Parental Control feature that is built-in Quick Heal Total Security 2013.
It allows you to schedule Internet access for your children and its preconfigured restricted browsing ensures that children do not visit adult sites
One can set access for sites from blocked website categories by adding it to the exclusion list. Websites belonging to blocked categories can be added to the exclusion list.
The PCTuner of Quick Heal Total Security 2013 helps speed up your PC’s performance by tuning start-up applications, services and cleaning unwanted registry entries and files.
The Disk Cleanup removes all the invalid files or junk files that clutter your system hard drive and affects system performance.

Registry Cleanup cleans invalid and junk entries from system registry and boosts system performance.
Duplicate File Finder deletes duplicate files of pre-defined file categories, by searching for duplicate files on your computer.
Defragmenter present in Quick Heal Total Security 2013 boosts system performance by defragmenting page-files and registry hives of your operating system.
It also removes traces from Internet history and most recently used list of various applications. Safely deletes history, cleans the cookies, cache, auto-complete forms and passwords so that user’s privacy is not breached.
The unique PC2Mobile Scan feature scans and cleans mobile phones and smartphones from your PC.
It checks for viruses, spywares and other malwares in phones. It makes use of either USB cable or Bluetooth to get the work done.
The Data Theft Protection feature prevents unauthorized copying of data using flash drives. It blocks access to USB storage devices from your PC, so the data can neither be copied to the removable drives nor can it be copied from external devices to your system.
The Privacy Protection feature securely deletes sensitive data files to prevent recovery by any recovery tools. It also permanently erases files from the hard drive, as opposed to the normal delete procedure, making it unrecoverable.
The Flash Drive Protection feature of Quick Heal Total Security 2013 automatically scans external storage devices and protects them from autorun infections.
The Entertainment Mode feature allows the user to play games, watch movies or presentations uninterrupted by suppressing prompts across all Quick Heal modules by reducing system load without compromising on computer security.
The Emergency Disk feature helps create an emergency bootable disk for Windows PC that scans and cleans all the drives including NTFS partitions.
The Boot Time Scan allows you to schedule a Boot Time Scan of your PC which scans and cleans all drives before the OS can start to activate any kind of viruses, rootkits, Trojans and loggers.
Quick Heal Total Security 2013 utilizes minimum system resources, thereby giving complete protection to your system without slowing it down.
Installation and Activation of Quick Heal Total Security 2013
1>> First, download the setup installer from the links given below:
2>> The setup file is quite big and would take few minutes to download to your system.
3>> Once you have downloaded the setup file to your PC, locate and double-click on it to start installation.
4>> It will take a few minutes initializing the installation and scanning memory.

5>> In the next screen, you will see the License Agreement. Just tick the “I agree” checkbox and click “Next“.

6>> Up next, you will have to choose the location or the folder where you would like to install Quick Heal Total Security 2013.
By default it is in the C:Program Files folder. But you can change the installation location by clicking on the “Browse” button.
Click “Next” to proceed further.
Note: Quick Heal Total Security 2013 requires atleast 500MB disk space during installation.

7>> The installation would then begin and would take a few minutes to complete.

8>> Soon after the completion of  installation, the Registration window opens. Here, you will have two option namely “Register Now” and “Register Later“.
It is necessary to register your copy of Quick Heal Total Security 2013 so as to get regular virus updates.
So, just click on “Register Now” button.

9>> You will be now be connected to the Quick Heal registration system which in-turn will open the Quick Heal Registration Wizard. Just click on “Next“.
Remember, you will need to have an active Internet connection to do the registration.

10>> In the next window, you will have to choose “Personal Use” and click on “Next”.

11>> In this window you will need to enter the details like your name, email ID, phone number, country, state and city. Further, click on NEXT
12>> Well, here you go – Quick Heal Total Security 2013 with 4 Months product key subscription. Click “Finish” to complete the installation process.

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